Oh hello!


My name is Elizabeth, and I am a third year at University of Cincinnati's College Conservatory of Music.  I am majoring in Electronic Media and minoring in Communications.

Ever since I was old enough to figure how out to work the settings on my mom's point-and-shoot camera, I have been in love with photography.  What was originally a simple hobby had quickly turned into a passion by high school that I knew I wanted to pursue as a career. As soon as I mustered enough money for my first DSLR camera, I began building my own mini portrait business, taking senior photos, head shots, wedding photos and other traditional-style portraits.  


My current focus in photography is live music.  Listening to music and attending concerts has been a huge party of my life, so I love being able to capture the special moments both the artist and audience will want to remember.

While I have worked as a photographer for the past four years, I am exploring all aspects of digital media, both in my college courses and beyond the classroom. From advertising and social media, to videography and coding, I am constantly eager to experiment with any digital form of self expression.​


When I'm not working, you can always find me thrift shopping, going to concerts, binge-watching Saturday Night Live reruns, or chilling with my adorable (and very large) cat, Romeo. 

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